It is homeopathy awareness week 10-16th April  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Thu 11 Apr 2019
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I, as the author, was introduced to homeopathy in the past 6 months, following the detection of a prostate cancer.  My friend and homeopath, Alison, took time to understand me, as a person, before prescribing remedies that she worked out may be beneficial to me, not only for the cancer but for a number of conditions.

I discovered this week, with thanks to an article from the School of Homeopathy that I have joined a whole raft of A-listers and celebrities enjoying the benefits.

Their article starts with :

"Have you tried homeopathy yet? If not, you can’t deny the growing amount of support out there, especially amongst celebrities. A-listers such as David Beckham, Paul McCartney, Jude Law, Helena Bonham Carter, Jennifer Aniston and Chris Martin are all fans. They have the fame, money, and resources and like the Royal Family they choose homeopathy.

Many celebrities, such as Cindy Crawford and Roger Daltrey first discovered homeopathy because of an illness their child had, and they found that homeopathy worked where conventional medicine had not been able to help. Others, such as Jade Jagger, Carol Smillie and Gaby Roslin also use homeopathic treatments on their children, and Helena Bonham Carter managed to conceive a second time with the help of homeopathy. 

Some of the more well-known supporters of homeopathy are the royals, namely The Queen and HRH Prince Charles and more recently Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Queen is a patron of the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (formally the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital) and is said to never travel without her first-aid homeopathic remedy kit"

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